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What is Passion Fueled Life about?

Passion Fueled Life was created by a woman on a mission to live life more passionately. To break the throes of depression and complacency and live wholeheartedly. It’s about creating moments in life that excite you, make you grow, and make you question while discovering your passion, purpose and true potential. It’s not about living on the edge of your seat and seeking constant excitement.

It’s about living with an open and full heart and soul and never feeling stagnant.
Live more authentically, wholeheartedly and enthusiastically. Design your life and live from the heart on purpose.
Rediscover you.

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•Daily gratitude & inspiration
•Follow curiosity and discover passion
•Achieve anything you desire
•Fueled by Passion•Excitement•Purpose

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  • While each activity at the retreat was enjoyable and held therapeutic value, the Creative Affirmations Workshop was an unforgettable and significantly beneficial experience. Central to the class was the theme of self-reflection and promoting positive thinking using affirmations. The instructor provided the materials necessary for making custom wood signs (wooden planks, acrylic paint, brushes, and stencils) and opened up to the class about her battle with depression, ultimately leading to the development of her businesses. This program helped demonstrate to me how combining an activity (such as creating a custom wooden sign) with meditation and self-reflection can hold therapeutic value for participants. Children with cognitive disabilities are just one population that would benefit from a program such as this since positive affirmations can be customized to fit individuals of all ages. As well, very few modifications would need to be made to the tools or delivery of this program, if any at all. I look forward to being able to implement the Creative Affirmations Workshop

    Affirmations I am
    S.P. – Mohawk College Student
Passion Fueled Women

Passion Fueled Women

• Daily motivation and inspiration
• Inspiring women to be the best version of themselves
• Featuring beautiful and inspiring women and sharing their wisdom with the world

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Passion Fueled Life

Beautiful and exciting journey of self discovery that will lead you to:
• achieve your goals and dreams
• follow curiosities to lead you to your passion and purpose
• live a fuller life filled with excitement and adventure (your own version)
• create new friendships
• manifest abundance in every form

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Passion Fueled Life

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We all need a dose of inspiration and motivation. Join me as I break down books and life lessons that help you grow.



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