mindfulness creativity and woodworking combined into a personal growth affirmations workshop

Creative Affirmations Workshop

Discover one of the best Personal Development Tools  – Creative Affirmations Workshop

Are you looking for a way to change your life while exploring your creative side? 

Why not combine personal development with a great creative session to get amazing results in your life?

affirmations on pallet wood I am


Let’s get together for a 2-hour Creative Affirmations Workshop where you will get to:

• learn about the power of affirmations (what is an affirmation, how can one use them for emotional health and wellness)
• discover one of the best personal development tools to enhance your life
• learn the secrets and tips on creating and using affirmations the right way to create the life of your dreams.
• create lasting results and eliminate limiting beliefs.
• engage in a mindfulness practice while you discover your creative side in a mindful state.

As a personal development and self-help tool, affirmations have many therapeutic, healing, growth and personal exploration benefits.

The outline:

During the first part of the workshop, you will discover the power of affirmations through stories of overcoming personal struggle, experience as well as personal development.  You will learn role of affirmations in achieving goals and dreams and how to apply the proper techinques to create the results and a life you always dreamed of.

creating affirmations

The latter half of the workshop walks the participants through a creative process of crafting their own personal affirmation prompted by a guided meditation developed to help participants tap into their own affirmation. The activity is designed for participants to create a representation and reminder on a reclaimed piece of wood.



Please inquire for booking opportunities and workshop schedule.