Passion Fueled Life - create your own path and live your own truth self help and personal development coachWhy live a Passion Fueled Life?

Passion Fueled Life is a process of self-discovery that leads you to live up to your fullest potential. 

It’s about manifesting your dreams and goals while eliminating limiting beliefs. What stops you in your tracks and prevent you from living a fulfilling and happy life? 

Passion Fueled Life was created by a woman on a mission to live life more passionately while discovering and cherishing all the little joys a life can bring. To break the throes of depression and complacency and live wholeheartedly and with purpose.

It’s about creating moments in life that excite you, ignite your spark, make you grow.  It’s about making you question your existence, while discovering your passion, purpose and true potential.

It’s not about living on the edge of your seat and seeking constant excitement.  (Although it could be, if you’d like it to be.)

It’s about living with an open and full heart and soul and never feeling stagnant.Passion Fueled Life a process of self discovery though mindfulness and personal emoperment

Sylvia Nelson is a mindfulness and empowerment coach, public speaker, workshop facilitator. She’s the creative force behind Passion Fueled Life and Passion Fueled Women projects.  She is a blogger and entrepreneur owning several businesses incorporating creativity, mindfulness, and personal growth.  Sylvia has a unique ability to see other people’s inner light and potential. As a result, she loves to inspire and empower others by helping them discover their unique strengths, and help them enhance their life experience.

Sylvia Nelson owner of Passion Fueled Life and motivational speaker, mindfulness and emoperment coachBattling with depression and loss of self-identity following the birth of her children Sylvia decided to rediscover joy and follow curiosities which in turn brought her to creating the Passion Fueled Life project.  In the process, Passion Fueled Women project started to connect inspiring women to help and empower other women on their way to discovering their potential. Through her Sign Making Party business Sylvia helps people discover a different side of creativity by making beautiful, inspirational, rustic signs and engaging in creative mindfulness.

With a strong dislike for the rat race and fitting into a “box”, she has chosen a rather unique approach to life. She has learned to follow her curiosities wherever they may lead. Yoga, woodworking, mindfulness training, adventure racing, and triathlons to name a few. Sylvia says, “We are all in full control of the life we create. Instead of allowing others to dictate our story we should all be the authors of the beautiful tale.  Our life is like a canvas.  We have the ability to paint on or over it at any point in our lives.  We always have a choice to start painting a new picture”